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    Cyber Architects is an IT services company focused on development and deployment of Internet and high performance computing infrastructures and applications. We design and deliver custom and cost-effective Internet-based applications and services, and big data business analytics solutions including data engineering, machine learning and modeling.

    Our services are delivered by a team of seasoned professionals with deep knowledge and experience in deployment and support of mission critical systems in a variety of industries including financial services, software, education, e-commerce, and media.

    We analyze your IT needs, develop optimal solutions and host your systems at your own premise or at another facility of your choice, such as ours or a number of other commerically available hosting and cloud services.

  • Consulting

    Cyber Architects' team of professionals, with deep understanding and experience in technology and business domains can help you analyze needs and document requirements, develop solutions, define the project, determine its cost, and manage delivery to your satisfaction.

    We offer consulting services in an array of technology fields, including IT strategy, general IT services, systems deployment and integration, capacity and availability planning and assessment, cloud management, data provisioning and engineering, high-performance computing, big data, business and predictive analytics.

    We partner with you on the execution of any or all these steps. We predicate our success on the satisfactory delivery of the solution in time and within budget. Your view success is our success, as your business IS our business.

  • Systems

    We offer Internet and High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. We deploy systems at your premise or a 3rd party facility, including our own. Our deployments are robust and secure, with increasing levels of fault-tolerance based on your requirements and budget.

    We have an array of Internet solutions, including email, web, chat, video conferencing, streaming, and other application-specific services. Our solutions include connectivity, security, and server components, with proper capacity and availability based on the application's or service's needs.

    We build HPC solutions that fit your big data needs. Our solutions include hardware, operating system, load sharing and distribution facilities, and open-source and commercial analytics tools. No matter how compute-intensive, our solution will meet the capacity, performance and functionality needs.

  • Analytics

    We provide analytics expertise to solve difficult business problems. We offer full stack solutions, from translating your business issues, to deploying solutions on big data systems.

    We’ve built systems to solve a host of business problems, including fraud detection, reducing customer churn, pricing optimization, image processing, and natural language processing (NLP) using techniques such as regression, ensemble methods, Bayesian methods, graph and network analysis, and deep learning.

    Technology and platform agnostic, we make sure to deploy the appropriate algorithms for your exact needs using the right tools in your's or any 3rd party environments and cloud services.

  • About Us

    Cyber Architects is a privately-held technology enterprise, founded in 1996 in Maryland, and headquartered in the District of Columbia, USA.

    Here at Cyber Architects, we are comitted to providing exceptional value to our clients by delivering innovative and impactful, yet cost-effective technology solutions to address our clients' business needs. Our core values include customer focus, technical excellence, business integrity, openness, respect, teamwork, always with an eye on business value.

    Contact us with your business problem or questions. Our email address: